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This fleet's primary mission is to facilitate the Federation's allied war efforts against the factions that threaten it's security.  SGP is a Carrier Group based out of Starbase 435 in Eta Eridani sector.  From this location they are able to repidly deploy to any hotspot in known space and provide rapid responce.

First order to all new members of the fleet: please add AFCNET ((Alliance RP chat channel)) and EDF, our private channel ((for OOC chat)), to your communication channels. 
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Welcome Back Joshua Davis

Asnov Ehou, Nov 21, 12 1:08 PM.
I'd like to extend a welcome back to Josh Davis to the SGP and to STO.  Glad to have you back with us Captain.

Fleet Starbase

Asnov Ehou, Aug 23, 12 8:23 AM.
Our Fleet Starbase has finally been completed.  The Senior Officers and I made our round on the inspection and acceptence tour and are pleased to announce our new asset it ready for habitation.  Bear in mind we are still bringing secondary systems online and still need assistence with our tasks to bring these systems to fully operational status.  I do appologise for the tribbles however, if they become a nuesence just talk to Nero Jones in the cantine, he'll gather them up.  Set your course for Eta Eridani Sector and check out our new home

Welcome Back

Asnov Ehou, Aug 21, 12 9:00 AM.
I would like to extend a most hearty Welcome Back to STO and the Fleet to Quinn, Pierce, and Charles whom have been away from us for quite a while.  It's good to see some familiar faces again.

Out Sick

Asnov Ehou, Apr 19, 12 7:57 PM.
Hey Sorry everyone.  I've been out sick since Monday.  Getting better and I should be around again starting next week

Fleet Status

SolsticeWolf, Mar 17, 12 10:48 AM.
I am concerned that EDF is on its legs, activity in the fleet has dropped again. is the fleet still active?
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Should KDF be allowed to team up with Feds for STF's? We are allied against the Borg, after all... Winner: "Yes, absolutely!" 4 weeks, 1704 days ago
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